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Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings

Yellow diamonds are known to be amongst the rarest of all coloured diamonds on the market. They are a highly sought after addition to any engagement ring or as a feature in the jewellery collection.

Vibrant, bold and calling out for attention, the yellow diamond is the perfect way to make your statement entrance. Yellow diamond engagement rings are already stamping their presence, as the next ‘big thing’ in the jewellery world. A sparkling yellow engagement ring could be the perfect piece for your special occasion, one that oozes vintage sophistication and timeless individuality.

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Why Yellow Diamond Engagement Rings?

Yellow diamond rings have become a highly popular centrepiece in the world of ring design. The unique yellow shade has earned this beautiful gemstone bears the affectionate nickname, the “Canary Diamond.” This sparkler captivates all in its presence and is an impressive way to make a statement.

Symbolising wisdom and knowledge, the bold and intense colour of the yellow diamond is extremely pure and clear. This diamond can be sourced from mines across the globe, however the rarest of them all, stems from South Africa.

Due to its rarity, the natural yellow diamond is often more expensive than its white counterpart. Generally speaking however, yellow diamonds with secondary hues are worth less than pure yellow diamonds.

The value of the yellow diamond is primarily determined according to the purity of its yellow colour, which can be classified on a scale ranging from faint through to fancy vivid. Within this spectrum are eye-catching combinations of tones, such as yellow with brownish hues, some orange and others taking on a rather more greenish tint.

Sparkling, bold and captivating.

Why not let the yellow diamond that speaks most vibrantly to you and your personality, take centre stage on your special engagement ring?

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