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Sapphire Engagement Rings

Pairing uniqueness with elegance, sapphire rings make a for an exquisite and alluring jewellery piece, be it an engagement ring, eternity ring or set in a pair of earrings. While blue is the often the most popular colour choice for sapphire rings, there is actually a striking array of fancy sapphire colours available, including pink and black.

We take pride in setting all our sapphire rings and jewellery only with genuine, authentic Sapphires. Our expert jewellers are dedicated to crafting stunning, bespoke engagement rings to suit the character and style of each individual sapphire.

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Sapphire Rings

Why Sapphire Engagement Rings?

Whatever the occasion, few objects are more captivating or evoke more desire than a vivid Sapphire gemstone. At Armans, we boast an exquisite selection of Sapphire stones covering a spectrum of colours. Whilst a Sapphire is commonly associated with the colour of blue, these stones can be sourced in a unique array that includes purple, orange, pink, yellow, as well as green. The stunning colours of these “fancy Sapphire” are due to the presence of the mineral “corundum”.

The traditional blue Sapphire is the most valuable and rare of all blue gemstones. The stone is renowned for its hardness and resilience, with an ability to retain its quality despite rough treatment or harsh conditions. This rare and bold beauty appears in a range of hues, saturations and tones, thereby ensuring that there will be one that perfectly matches your personal style and taste. The purity of hue in a blue Sapphire plays a pivotal role in defining its value, meaning the more “blue” the stone, the higher the price tag.

While Blue Sapphires have traditionally been the most popular of centrepieces for engagement rings, the Pink Sapphire is fast growing in desirability. Oozing class and elegance, these stunning stones run the spectrum of light to dark pinks. Similar to its blue cousin, the darker and more intense the pink, the more valuable the stone. Whatever your desire may be, the Sapphire gemstone is the perfect adornment to any occasion.

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