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Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Rose gold engagement rings are a celebration of romance. The subtle, yet unique faint pink hue exudes a unique and timeless sophistication. Over recent years, our expert jewellers have witnessed an increase in demand for a splash of Rose Gold to compliment many of their engagement ring designs. Synonymous with luxury and beauty, when set against gemstones of pink, purple, green or blue, the delicate rose gold tone adds depth and radiance to your engagement ring.
Rose Gold is the perfect way to solidify your special moment.

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Why Rose Gold Engagement Rings?

The classic white and yellow gold engagement rings have their place in history. In the fast moving and ever evolving world of fashion, the desire for a splash of the unique, the alluring and the charismatic has also made its impact in the sphere of engagement ring designs.

Whether you choose to mould your band fully with rose gold or simply add a subtle twist to your piece of jewellery, a touch of rose gold can be the perfect way to evoke your personality and style.

Also known as “pink gold” or “red gold,” rose gold engagement rings are created through combining traditional gold and copper, with the resulting blend lending it a desirable pinkish hue.

The carat of the rose gold is correlated to the level of original gold in the source metal. A wide and variable range of rose gold colours and styles can be created, through blending with metals, such as pure silver.

The choices are endless, so reach for the horizon and consider how you can add a touch of exquisite rose gold to your engagement ring.

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