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Custom Engagement Rings


Predominately most of our Engagement Rings are custom made which means that any design is possible.

Whilst still having a large range of options to choose from in our Sydney CBD boutique you can choose to customise your Engagement ring with our team our award winning master jewellers.

Any design is possible. Arman’s expert jewellers have years of experience in designing custom-made, bespoke engagement rings. Whether you have a concept in mind or need some help to map out the design, we have the specialist knowledge to guide along the way.

With so many options available to you, our specialist team can help you through the wide range of engagement ring designs. If you have the perfect design in mind, we have the expertise and the tools to bring your ring to life. Our team of award-winning master jewellers – with their combined years of handcraftsmanship – are here to guide you through the steps and help you select or craft that perfect engagement ring.

Start by navigating the selection of engagement rings that we have displayed on this website. Note that this represents only a small selection of what is available in our boutique store.

If inspired but still wanting to mould your own special ring, then why not reach out to one of our expert team members? Our specialists can start by broadening the possibilities available to you, and then help you narrow your focus, on the cut, stone, metal, and overall composition.

Arman’s proudly offer an enviable selection of stones, including a broad variety of diamond cuts and coloured gemstones. Metals that you can select for your band include contemporary white gold, classic yellow gold, soft rose gold and precious platinum.

Having your diamond engagement ring custom-made by our team of award winning designer jewellers, ensures that the end result will be an engagement ring perfectly tailored to your requirements. It also gives you the opportunity to own an item of jewellery with your unique stamp, and suits your own individual style and taste.

To ensure that you take home the exact design that you are after, as part of our handcrafting process, we offer our clients the opportunity to view each stage of the process of crafting the ring. As such, you can inspect the ring before any diamonds or gemstones are set and can have modifications adjusted within this process.

Nothing can be more special, than bringing home that perfect engagement ring, to be treasured for generations to come.

For further information, or if you would like to make an appointment to speak to our chief, award-winning designer jeweller, Levon Arzumanian, please feel free to contact us.