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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

Enduringly sophisticated, the cushion-cut diamond features large facets that capture and reflect light brilliantly. For decades, this cut of diamond has been sought after by suitors and collectors, captivated by the supreme radiance of the gem.
Its rounded corners further emphasize the stone’s curves, bestowing a soft and romantic feel to the overall design of the ring.
Our award-winning designers are experts in handcrafting the finest quality cushion-cut engagement rings. Over many years, they have honed their fine skills in the dedicated task of designing the perfect bespoke ring for our countless, valued customers.

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Why Cushion-Cut Engagement Rings?

Over the decades, the cushion-cut diamond has been a popular choice for many brides to be. Its design is crafted to accentuate the radiance and sheer beauty of the diamond. The large facets of the stone play a pivotal role in highlighting the diamond’s clarity, ensuring that your engagement ring won’t go unnoticed.

A cushion-cut diamond is a combination of the classic mine cut and the modern oval or rectangular cut. Our master jewellers have prided themselves in perfecting this classic cut.

Also known as “pillow cut” diamonds, cushion-cut engagement rings can be styled to a large array of shapes, ranging from square to rectangular The design process is based upon the desired dimension of the cut, which is measured through a length to width ratio.

It’s truly no wonder, that this stunning cut has such enduring appeal. A cushion-cut engagement ring is a statement of ageless beauty.

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